• Design supply and installation of aluminium and glass windows and doors
  • Supply and Installation of all types of Acoustic glazing
  • Supply and installation of all types of Bullet and intruder Resistant Glazing
  • Design and supply of Curtain wall facades for low, medium and high-rise projects.
  • Supply and Installation of Aluminium Composite Panels.
  • Aluminium and Glass Skylights
  • Frameless Glass Assemblies
  • Interior Fit outs and Architectural Glass work
  • Consultancy Services.
  • Testing
    Aluminium Windows
    Seapac can supply every type of aluminium window from the very low cost 3000 series locally available sections to purpose designed and manufactured window systems.

    The 3000 series sliding window manufactured from standard locally available extrusions and can be installed at a competitive price on your project.

    Taal Vista Photo
    The 4000 series incorporates light-duty and a heavy-duty extrusions at low cost. An example of a completed project would be Ateneo De Manila University in Quezon City.

    Ateneo School in Quezon City
    The Seapac 5000 series structurally glazed windows were manufactured for the Swire Elan Suites Building in San Juan and were specifically designed for maximum water proofing on this prestigious High-rise project.

    Swire Elan Suites

    Aluminium Doors
    Aluminium Door

    Seapac can supply all types of aluminium and frameless glass doors to suit any application.

    The low cost 2000 series extrusions, which are locally available, can be used in all types of storefront entry and partition applications.
    Frameless Glass Entry Door
    Seapac also supply and install frameless glass entry doors to suit any application. They can be supplied with a bottom and top rail or with patch fittings. The rails and patch fittings can be finished in almost any color from painted to stainless steel.

    Acoustic Glazing

    Seapac can supply and install all types of acoustic glazing depending upon the client requirements. Seapac can design a window to reduce sound by up to 50db if required.

    Seapac has available the 6000 series double glazed extrusions that will accept a 24mm sealed I.G.U. (Insulating Glass Unit).

    Strip windows at Analog Devices

    Bullet and Intruder Resistant Glazing

    Seapac can supply and install bullet and intruder resistant glazing to suit any client application. Seapac uses glass manufactured to the Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 2343:

    The classes of glass that can be supplied range from
    1. Class G0- resistant to attack by a 9 mm military parabellum hand gun
    2. Class G1- resistant to attack by a 357 magnum hand gun
    3. Class G2- resistant to attack by a 44 magnum hand gun
    4. Class R1- resistant to attack by a 5.56 mm rifle
    5. Class R2- resistant to attack by a 7.62 mm rifle

    Talk to our sales staff about your security requirements.

    Swiss Embassy

    Curtain Wall Facades

    Seapac can design and manufacture and install all kinds of curtain wall facades to suit any specification using a variety of glass types.

    Seapac can design and supply a fully unitized system with structural glazing as used on the Burgundy Corporate Tower in Makati. This curtain wall was specifically designed for this project and after 3 years has proved to be leak proof. The system employs the drained joint and pressure equalized principle in the design.

    Seapac can also supply a double glazed stick system for your curtain wall requirements as used for a low-rise project for Analog Devices in Cavite Philippines.

    The extrusion type and sizes for these types of projects are available upon request from our sales staff.

    Curtain Wall Facades at Burgundy Tower

    Analog Devices

    Aluminium Composite Panels
    EPCI Cordilera


    Clad curved columns at Philip Morris

    Seapac can supply and install all types or aluminium composite panels in a variety of finishes to suit any application.

    The installation methods vary depending upon the project to be undertaken but we do have some typical details for your information

    The panels can be curved to suit concrete or steel columns to add that finished touch to your project


    Frameless Glass Assemblies

    Seapac can design supply and install frameless glass assemblies to suit any situation. This type of construction adds a very prestigious look to any project.

    The glass walls can be designed to suit any size opening from a single door to a multi-story entry façade.

    Philip Morris
    Pacific Plaza


    Seapac can design, engineer and supply any type of skylight from the very small domestic application to a very large commercial application.


    A large commercial skylight completed by Seapac was for the Shangri La Corporation at Shangri La Edsa Plaza. This particular project required the design, supply and installation of the steel support structure, composite cladding and heavy weight laminated glass. This project has not leaked since its completion in late 2002.


    Interior Fit Outs and Architectural Glass

    Seapac can supply and install all types of specialized glasswork and stainless steel to suit any design or architectural requirement.
    Some of the products supplied and installed by Seapac show the unlimited range of options available.

  • Specialized slim line partition framing. Australian and Canadian Embassies Makati
  • Interior sliding glass partition doors Australian Embassy Makati
  • Pay slots and speak though glass at reception desks
  • Stainless steel entry doors Australian and Canadian Embassies Makati
  • Partition panels with glass motifs. Chinese restaurant. Edsa Plaza Hotel
  • Printed and slump glass incorporating company logo’s Chinese Restaurant Edsa Plaza hotel
  • Glass panels with applied films in any design American Express Makati
  • Purpose manufactured store fronts for designer shops. Prada, Guicci, Ives St Laurent, Green Belt Plaza Makati.
  • Purpose made door handles to any design Bowling Alley, Rockwell Power Plant
  • Steel and glass water features Shangri La Edsa Plaza
  • Board Room Bars and Display cabinets ABS CBN.


    Seapac in conjunction with our associations have been employed to supply consultancy services on a variety of projects. Some of these are:

    Primer Star Holdings Swire Elan Suites





    Window and Testing Chamber
    Test Chamber

    On Site testing

    Seapac can supply detailed testing services for windows and door systems. These test carried out to international standards can be carried out both on site and off site