Fog Off mirror heating pads are fitted to the rear of bathroom mirrors to completely eliminate fogging.

They operate in a similar manner to the demisting unit on the rear window of a car ... and they are equally reliable.

The “Fog Off” pad is invisible and it heats the mirror enough to completely eliminate fogging ... but the mirror is not hot and is perfectly safe to touch.

“Fog Off” heated mirror pads are generally installed in association with a bathroom light switch. In this way, the pad is on when someone occupies the room, and is off when the room is empty. However, it can also be installed with its own dedicated switch.

“Fog Off” heated mirror pads incorporate the world’s most modern technology in electrical heating elements.

The power used by “Fog Off” is less than that used by a ceiling fan ... and substantially less than the power used by a heat lamp. “Fog Off” heating pads do NOT require thermostats, which can be the source of problems. The heating in “Fog Off” mirror pads is self-controlled.

“Fog Off” is the best solution. That is why it is being sold throughout the world.

“Fog Off” heated mirror pads eliminate all of the problems associated with fogged-up bathroom mirrors.

Perceptions of bathroom mirror problems.

“Fog Off” eliminates or reduces the following problems in bathrooms
  • Streaks and marks caused by wiping wet or partly fogged mirrors.
  • Distortion due to wet or partly fogged mirrors
  • Blackened edges to mirrors due to the reduction of moisture around the mirror. 

    Research in Australia and Europe show very strong consumer demand for heated mirror pads.

  • 77% of people surveyed regard fogging as the ‘number one’ bathroom mirror problem.

  • 73% of people surveyed see a heated mirror pad and an exhaust fan as the solution.
  • Only 17% of people surveyed said the exhaust fan alone could clear the mirror.

    More than half of those surveyed said they would pay at least;

    1. 70% premium to have the bathroom mirror substantially cleared of fog.

    2. 100% premium to have the entire mirror clear of fog.
    “Fog Off” heated mirror pads provide many strong marketing benefits to developers, hotel management organizations, etc.
  • High perceived value to consumers and customers alike.

  • Low purchase price and installation costs to developers.
  • Reduced room maintenance costs for hotel operators. Cleaning costs and time are dramatically reduced.

  • Very low operating costs compared with heat lamps and fans.
  • Reduced ventilation requirements.
  • Silent and maintenance free

    “FOG OFF” is the only answer. There is no question.